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Transforming Industries with Bespoke Sales and Marketing Solutions

Specialised Strategies for Diverse Industries

Unlock the full potential of your business with Operation Baseline's bespoke sales and marketing solutions. Whether you're a thriving SME, a professional service provider, or part of the dynamic healthcare sector, our expert strategies are designed to catalyse growth and deliver tangible results.

SME's & Start-Ups

Dynamic Growth for SMEs & Start-Ups: Proven Sales & Marketing Mastery

Energise your SME or Start-Up with Operation Baseline's cutting-edge sales and marketing strategies. We offer more than just plans; we provide growth-focused solutions, tailor-made for your unique challenges. Experience transformative results with our sector-specific expertise and innovative approach.

Professional Services

Strategic Edge for Professional Services: Sales & Marketing Brilliance

Transform your professional service firm with Operation Baseline's strategic sales and marketing solutions. Our targeted strategies are easy to implement and highly effective, crafted from extensive industry experience. Partner with us for strategies that not only plan but power your growth.


Healthcare Revolution: Advanced Marketing for Real Impact

Revolutionise your healthcare business with Operation Baseline's specialised marketing strategies. Our deep industry insights translate into powerful, result-driven plans. We go beyond traditional business plans, offering innovative solutions that deliver measurable success in healthcare.

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Over 600 Satisfied Clients 

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6500+ Hours of Expert Sales Calls

Our dedicated team drives real results fast.

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25+ Skilled Team Members 

A diverse group of professionals committed to your success.

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£30 Million in Revenue for Our Clients:

Witness substantial growth with our strategies.

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Ed Williamson

Ed has over 30 years experience working with SME clients through to large multinationals. Across many sectors including , retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Membership organisations, using direct B2B and B2C employed and self employed sales teams. Ed delivers Sales and Marketing strategies that produce effective tangible results.

Andrew Hatcher - Co-founder - Operation Baseline Ltd


Andrew Hatcher

Andrew is an Architect of Business Design and can offer real help and support for business leaders. Andrew has over 30 years of experience working alongside Sales and Marketing Teams delivering technology stacks and SaaS solutions across multiple sectors including Healthcare, Manufacturing & Retail to name but a few. Andrew delivers technology that works for its users and fulfils the purpose of it objectives.

Diverse Sales Solutions for Business Growth

At Operation Baseline, we offer a wide array of services designed to propel your business forward. From advanced digital marketing and bespoke web design to targeted sales strategies and innovative e-commerce solutions, our expertise covers all your needs.

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Develop Winning Sales Strategies

Sales Strategies

Achieve your sales goals with Operation Baseline's proven sales strategies. Our team works with you to develop a customised approach that delivers real results.
Sales Management icon
Maximise Sales Performance

Sales Management

Maximise your sales performance with our expert sales management services, integrating cutting-edge marketing web site strategies and innovative marketing and web design.
Sales Training icon
Empower Your Sales Team

Sales Team Training

Empower your sales team with Operation Baseline's comprehensive sales training programs. Our team provides the skills and knowledge necessary for success.
Sales Recruitment icon
Find Top Sales Talent

Sales Recruitment

Find the right sales talent with Operation Baseline, a leader among sales and marketing agencies, known for our strictly sales and marketing focus.
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Streamline Sales Operations

Sales Outsourcing

Streamline your sales operations with Operation Baseline's sales outsourcing services. Our team provides the support and expertise necessary for success.
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Automate Sales for Efficiency

Sales Automation

Optimise your sales processes with Operation Baseline's business process automation services. Our team helps you automate your sales operations for efficiency and growth.
lead generation icon
Boost Your Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Generate more leads and close more deals with Operation Baseline's lead generation services. Our team provides a targeted approach to help you reach your sales goals.
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Enhance Your Web Presence

Website Design

Enhance your online presence with Operation Baseline's web design services. Our team provides a custom design to improve your website's performance and user experience.
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Grow Your Online Sales

E-Commerce Solutions

Expand your online sales with Operation Baseline's e-commerce solutions. Our team provides a comprehensive approach to help you grow your business online.
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Optimise with SaaS Solutions

SaaS Software

Optimise your sales operations with Operation Baseline's SaaS software services. Our team provides a range of software solutions to help you reach your sales goals.
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Enhance CRM Effectiveness

CRM Services

Maximise the effectiveness of your CRM with our strategic customer relationship management strategies, tailored for your business success.
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Maximise Amazon Sales

Amazon Marketplace

Maximise your sales on Amazon with Operation Baseline's Amazon marketplace services. Our team provides a comprehensive approach to help you grow your business on the platform.
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Choose Operation Baseline for Tailored Sales and Marketing Mastery

At Operation Baseline, we specialise in bespoke sales and business development solutions. Our strategic consultations and innovative approaches are designed to address your unique sales challenges and propel your business forward.

Transform Your Sales and Marketing Strategy

Our expertise in sales and marketing operations is geared towards achieving peak efficiency and driving your business to new heights. Let us help you unlock your full potential.